Staging Your Open House

Staging Your Open House

Staging Your Open HouseAny relator will tell you that an open house that is well staged sells for top dollar. A nicely staged home will even sell quicker than a home that is empty. Why is that? Homebuyers have a notoriously limited imagination. A well staged home allows them to visualize what living in your home would be like, so they are more likely to make you an offer. Many people hire experts to stage their homes for them.  If that is not in the budget, here are some important things to consider when staging your own home.

Do Some Research

You want to stage each room for your open house as close to the styles you see on HGTV as possible. Check it out. Scroll through Pinterest and check out Houzz. You will find all neutral colors (gray in particular is popular right now) and nothing too personal on display. (Put away that giant canvas from your wedding) Use these resources to find out what the trends are and try to apply them in your home.

Set The Scene For Your Open House

Since buyers have a very limited imagination, make each room’s purpose obvious. An office should look like an office, a bedroom a bedroom. A breakfast nook should have a small table and chairs, not a shelf with extra items your pantry can’t hold. There should be no random spaces with bizarre stuff. If your home currently has those see the packing advice below.

Start Packing!

If you are like most people you have way more stuff in your home than necessary. All those lovely material possessions are going to clutter up your home and make it feel smaller. Smaller is not what most homebuyers are looking for. Consider this your first step of packing. Here are some items to consider packing up first.

  • Put away the kids artwork.
    • You find their sketches precious but homebuyers will see it as clutter.
  • Put away all the knick-knacks, tchotchkes, and trinkets.
    • Once again, clutter kills sales. Put away that collection of souvenir spoons!
  • Scale down your furniture.
    • Only the bare minimum is recommended.

Where does it all go?

This could be the tricky part. Neatly packed boxes in attics, basements, and crawl spaces would be your best bet. If those are already maxed out, or your home doesn’t have these spaces, you might need to house your stuff outside of your house. One option is stashing at your parents house, aunt’s house, or in-laws. If family and friends are not an option for temporarily hosting your possessions, then you might want to rent a storage unit. This is important because boxes looming in the corners of your home are not really the perfected look you are going for when hosting an open house.

Toys in bins, exercise equipment tucked away. Even your closets should be neat. You don’t want to make it look like storage is an issue in your home (even if it is!) So scale back your stuff. If it’s summer, pack up the winter garb.

Good Luck and Happy Selling!