Count Down to your Open House

Count Down to your Open House

Open House Staging Tips6 Things to do at your open house before that first potential homebuyer comes to the door…

Stage It Well

Make sure your home is properly staged.  Tips for successfully staging for your open house can be found here.

Check Your Linens

Make all beds neatly.  Put out fresh towels and new mats.  Some people recommend going out and buying a set of new bath mats and towels that you should only take out when showing your home.  If new items are not in the cards, at least make sure your linens are freshly laundered.  This is a way to convey a clean and brand new feeling to a potential buyer.

Fresh Scent

In the past people have said to bake a dessert so the house smells cozy.  Crisp clean scents are popular today.  I would recommend some Febreeze or clean scented candles to achieve the desired fragrance.  Check out this article for some more tips on how to give your home the aroma that will soon have you smelling the sweet scent of money.

No Pets Allowed

Relocate pets for the day of the open house.  This would also apply every time you are showing the house.  Nothing will be more annoying than Fido barking at potential buyers.  This applies to rodents and reptiles too.  Pretty much anything besides fish could be off-putting to buyers.  Besides, you don’t want to worry about someone accidently letting Fluffy escape during a showing

Make It Sparkle

Give everything a deep cleaning.  Clean windows, scrub shower walls, and mop floors.  Act like a drill sergeant with white gloves is coming over for a throughout inspection.

Last Minute Tidy Up!

Run the vacuum, take all the trash out, and wipe down every counter.  You want homebuyers to notice how quaint your kitchen is and not how crumby your counter top was from that morning bagel.