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Welcome to Open  We are a real estate site resource to help you sell your current home and locate your dream home.

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Our site will help provide tips and tricks to help make your home buying or selling a success.  Our experts provide their knowledge of how to set up your furniture, reduce the clutter in your house and also choose the right Sunday to ensure maximum foot traffic and to get an offer quickly!

Latest in Real Estate News

At Open we offer the latest news and articles related to real estate, home buying and mortgage rates and information.  Including housing market forecasts for 2017 and millennials coming back to the home buying market.  Check out our recent articles

Home Buying Resources

Our resources include affordability calculators which assists you to determine how much house you can afford. It takes into account your monthly income, monthly expenses, and specified mortgage rate to calculate the most affordable mortgage for you.  Also included are mortgage calculators, which are used to determine a mortgage’s monthly payments. They use the amount financed, term of the loan, and interest rate to calculate the monthly payment and can include taxes to help determine the exact monthly payment you’ll have.